Benefits of a strong judiciary

Political impact

A strong judiciary is necessary to ensure the political stability of liberal democracy. An independent judiciary is especially important in preventing political opportunism and personal enrichment not subject to the correct scrutiny. Only by establishing an enforceable, compulsory and foreseeable rule of law will Colombia become a strong and competitive democracy.

Economic impact

A strong and reliable judicial system is also key to economic development. In order for trade to take place and businesses to build strong working partnerships, both at home and abroad, there must be the support of an objective and fair legal system. Assets will only be traded if proof of ownership is clear, contractual terms are honoured with delivery and payment guaranteed. Without an adequate legal system, trust is the only guarantee that contracts will be fulfilled and therefore transactions only take place where there is an existing relationship. This greatly inhibits a nations' economic development.

Human impact

One of the key benefits of a fully developed judicial system is access to an efficient and fair judiciary system. Citizens should be able to access justice regardless of their background or location. Those accused of committing crimes should be guaranteed a fair and prompt trial, and victims of crime should be able to seek due recompense. This leads to greater trust in the judicial system which, in turn, contributes to political stability and economic development.

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