Pablo Ardila Sierra

Pablo Ardila Sierra is a Colombian businessman and ex-governor of the Cundinamarca region. After an article in the El Espectador newspaper accused Ardila of contractual irregularities during his term as governor of Cundinamarca and an unjustified increase in his net-worth, he was arrested, suspended from office and prosecuted for extortion by the Public Attorney General's office.

Ardila was held for almost three years in 'la Picota' jail without proper trial or access to a defence, but on 11 November 2011 it was found that the accusations against Ardila had no basis. He was acquitted of all charges against him. No evidence or proof was ever found against Ardila.

Timeline of events

January 2004: Pablo Ardila is appointed governor of the Cundinamarca region

August 2007: El Espectador publishes an unjustified article entitled ‘Las cuentas del Gobernador’ (or 'The Governor’s Bill') 3 September 2007: The Office of the General Attorney orders a preliminary investigation against Ardila based on the accusations made by the newspaper El Espectador

December 2007: Ardila is arrested and suspended from office

From December 2007 to September 2010: Ardila is unjustifiably imprisoned without a proper trial

11 November 2011: The First Specialised Circuit penal court of Cundinamarca finds that the accusations against Ardila have no basis in fact or law. He is then acquitted of all charges against him

25 April 2012: The High Court upholds the decision of the First Specialised Circuit penal court of Cundinamarca

12 December 2012: After several months of investigations, the Public Attorney resolves to put an end to the disciplinary investigation, and as a result to archive the procedures against Ardila. During the course of the investigation, no evidence was found against Ardila

Pablo Ardila